You want to make a memorable first impression.

You need the extra impact of your Video Business Card.

Show that you are a Professional!

For the past few years, besides having the cool factor, our clients have been setting themselves apart from anyone handing out business cards.

Almost everything you do in business today is digital.

NOW is the perfect moment to replace the old paper business card with a NEW Creative and Memorable tool – Your Video Business Card.

Dare to be different!

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We are here to serve YOU!
It’s our job to provide you a valuable and unique marketing tool.

Your Video Business Card!

There is money on the table.

Chances are you are leaving it there.


Pick it up!


Because it’s:

  • Viable
  • Affordable
  • Lucrative
  • Useful
  • Attractive
  • Broad-minded
  • Leading-edge
  • Energizing

Moreover, because it CONVERTS.

You can make a memorable first impression.
You can use the extra impact of your Video Business Card.
You can show that you are a professional.

We would love to hear from you!

Client Reviews

Book Promo

5 5 1
So helpful and great video promotion! Thank you!

Outstanding work

5 5 1
Outstanding work - thank you SO much!

Second time doing business

5 5 1
Second time doing business with Bogman. Excellent results!!!