This is not sexy. This is not fun either.

But it’s necessary to know when you decide the marketing strategy of your video business card.

Unless you want to hire a copywriter or an SEO content writer to do it for you.

Obviously, your primary reason for choosing to use a video business card instead of a regular one done on paper is to hook your audience using an innovative, unique and modern tool for your brand.

Of course, when you send your potential clients over to check out your video business card, you want them to find a concise product that will accurately represent you.

But, not all your potential customers are in direct contact with you. Therefore, you depend on organic traffic also.

If you do it right, search engine spiders will be able to categorize your information and will reward you with new visitors.

The fact is that, if you are running a business you should plan your video marketing strategy.

The truth is, the best video business card you can produce won’t get any organic traffic unless you do exactly what the search engines expect you to do, regarding ranking it.

Therefore, don’t waste your time and money on producing a video card, if you don’t keep the following elements in mind:

  1. a title for you video promotion. To make your title count, you should

    • use at least two keyword phrases
    • have less than 60 characters with spaces
    • the title should reflect the content of your video business card, or people will be upset should they click on your link and not find what was to be expected
    • highlight a solution to a problem or pain that your ideal client has
  2. keywords

    • the free Google Keywords Planner is a tool you should try
    • each person searches for the same subject using different keywords, therefore, choosing several of these keywords will increase your chances to be found
    • there doesn’t exist a magical keywords formula, nor a particular keyword
    • use at least five to ten keywords to be sure that the search engines will find you
  3. meta description

    • you need it for search engines to find you
    • use at least 5-10 keywords
    • include a summary of what you show in your video
    • address at least one problem that your ideal client has

You can do all of the above steps yourself, or you can hire a pro who meets your needs.

To conclude…

  • keep in mind the three elements of your marketing puzzle
  • apply them in your video marketing strategy
  • do it yourself or
  • contact a specialist

And… That’s it!

You won the game!

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  1. good, easy to follow information for entering video marketing – thanks!

  2. Thank you, Laura. Whenever you have a question, just give us a sign 🙂

  3. Great overview – thank you!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Bibi!

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