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Without a doubt, you wrote a great book. It has everything that your ideal reader wants and needs. Moreover, the book is a perfect central point for the business you are building now.

The fact is, you hardly promoted the book and your business. You tried everything you thought will work. You planned, scheduled, marketed, and after doing all these things, you patiently and hopefully waited to see the results.



No one seems to hear about the value that you can bring them. Whether you try to build a coaching program, a product/ SaaS, or even a service based business, no one seems to care.

Even if, you are sure that people would love to know about it.

Even if you know that you can help many people.

All you need is to find a viral tool to spread the word.

Unfortunately, all you see and hear are… Crickets!… again.

Nothing happens. Your sales have still not exploded.

We hear it all the time from almost all the new clients. We feel your pain, too.

But, we have good news!


There is a secret weapon that if properly used, it can bring you the deserved recognition.

Moreover, this secret tool has the potential to become viral.

You’ll never need to worry again. Your Video Business Card will work for you.


15 reasons why you need a video business card


  1. You want to be found, therefore make it shareable and embeddable. Videos drive traffic even when you are sleeping. The demographics for videos will always surprise you.

  2. A video hooks any audience. All you need to do is brainstorm to understand your audience. If you know how to use the perfect combination of sounds, images, copy, and you make it goal oriented, your video becomes viral in a blink of an eye.

  3. Video promotion is the next marketing reality. More and more people are drawn to video content. Having a video business card will position you from the beginning into a creative, modern and original business owner. Cisco Visual Networking Index says

    Trend 5: Profiling Mobile Applications Use and Bandwidth Consumption Patterns – Because mobile video content has much higher bit rates than other mobile content types, mobile video will generate much of the mobile traffic growth through 2020. Mobile video will grow at a CAGR of 62 percent between 2015 and 2020, higher than the overall average mobile traffic CAGR of 53 percent. Of the 30.6 exabytes per month crossing the mobile network by 2020, 23.0 exabytes will be due to the video.
  4. People are not merely looking to Internet videos for entertainment. They want information displayed to them visually, not simply in text format. So they are doing keyword searches on YouTube, not just on search engines such as Google.

  5. Ten years ago, maybe even five, it would have been difficult, challenging and expensive for you to produce videos. Today, especially if you “start small,” it is very affordable and relatively easy.

  6. Your video business card will not only give your readers and clients the key points of your value. But it will also establish a new type of connection between you and them.

  7. If you are shy, a video business card will not only masque it but will also transform you into a star.

  8. You have the chance to become a pioneer in video marketing. Not so many people tried this type of promotion. You know very well that a pioneer will always easily find a place on the market.

  9. Having a video business card will bring you the originality and uniqueness that will attract both your readers and clients, such as the light attracts the night butterflies.

  10. Your video business card is going to sell itself.

  11. You are an awesome author with an awesome business idea to develop. Believe me; you need an awesome tool for promoting yourself.

  12. You can use your video business card not only on social media networks (24 Places to Promote Your Video Business Card) but you can at any time add it to your website, email signature and partner blogs.

  13. For both, nonfiction and fiction authors, video cards are very efficient. You can even do a series of video cards focused on several aspects of your topic. In this way, you will be able to target multiple segments of your market. Including a “talking head” video where you are filmed speaking about your topic, will bring you faster results. In the end, you’ll promote the book you’re trying to build your business on. Of course, your contact details will never be forgotten. In the long run, your business card will hook your audience.

  14. Your video card is designed specially to attract your clients. But let me tell you a small secret. You know very well that… there are moments when you feel tired, down, and somehow you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You feel almost like giving up. Well… for this kind of moments, your video card is a treasure. Sort of therapeutic method; your remedy when you need a helping hand to boost your confidence again. All that it needs is to watch your video business card again. The positive energy embedded in it will bring you the necessary remedy. In a nutshell, it will attract you too. 🙂 And, you will rise again like a Phoenix.

  15. The power of a video is incomparably stronger than the mere use of words. Naturally, if you also include a transcript of your video card, you will reach an even wider audience.


Having a Video business card is not a hard thing to obtain. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional. Of course, there are several advantages to hiring a professional to produce your video cards, rather than doing it yourself:

  1. You don’t have to purchase and learn to use video equipment and software.
  2. You can spend your time focusing on managing your business or writing your next book.
  3. You will surely get more professional looking results.


If you are still undecided, let’s take an example of how a very short video can make your ideal client, feel. All you have to do is to follow five simple steps:

  1. Read the following words in the image:
    There is Money on the table - Chances are... you are leaving it there DON'T! PICK IT UP!
  2. Try to feel the power of the above words. Read them again.
  3. Now, watch this short video business card.

  4. Watch it again trying to focus on the feeling the words give you.
  5. Compare what feelings you had while reading the words to watching the video that used the same words.


So… AUTHORS! Do you still agonize trying to build a business around your books? You don’t have to.

Design your Video Business Card today! It’s worth millions of valuable words.

Make your next move the right move and CONTACT US!

Be kind and share!

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