Get Rid of Your Paper Business Card

Get Rid of Your Paper Business Card

Everyone knows that video marketing is a key component for having a powerful business. But not everyone knows that one of the best and easiest tools that you can use is a video business card… As you eventually get rid of the typical business card; meaning, your paper business card.

Of course, no matter what business card you use, you still need to work hard to prove to your potential clients that you are worth their choice.

But, in the online business world, to be able to show this to them, you must make them aware of what you are doing.

This means you need a marketing strategy that can take you out from the vast ocean of similar businesses.


You know it, we know it, and everyone else probably knows it. Nowadays people have a huge number of possibilities to choose from.

Therefore, you need to find something to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Unless you are Bill Gates, and you don’t need to find anything else anymore.

But rest assured even he needed to handle some business cards from time to time. You, too, will need this.

Your best bet to significantly stand out is to promote your brand properly.

There is a lot of work involved in getting your online presence to stand out and be recognized.

Of course, for this, you need your branded signature.

And what’s more appropriate to surprise your business partners and clients, then to show them your new video business card?

Have you noticed? I said “your new video business card.”

Yes! You should have a new one and at the same time as many video business cards as you need and want.


Why should you get rid of your paper business card?

video business card

Image: Video


  • Now you can do it. Moreover, you will obtain better results.
  • It’s affordable. Throughout time, the price invested in thousandths of the old paper business cards has been higher than the one investment in a video card.
  • It generates more interest and increases your conversion rates.
  • You can target each client with the proper business card.
  • You can promote the video business card on any social network, email or mobile phone; not to mention your website. 🙂
  • The more video business cards you put out there, the more opportunities will come to you.
  • Celebrity endorsements are not necessary. You’ll soon become a star yourself using this powerful tool.


Not only will your video business card help your audience quickly and easily obtain information about you…


There is one huge difference between an average paper business card and your new video business card. The fact is, at the end of your video you can place your best call to action for the client that your video card is targeting.

Ultimately… let’s face it.

The old paper business cards are… boring!

Show us the best paper business card that you think has ever existed and… we will show you several other video cards in return, which your ideal client will find to be amazing and hard to forget.

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  1. Wonderful and exciting so thank you for this ‘dragging me into the 20th Century’ information!! Irene xx

  2. Thank you, Irene! You just made me smile… I already imagine myself dragging you :-)))))

  3. Brilliant, a concept that can be embraced by all businesses. Why not use it, we communicate via Social Media everyday this can only add to the experience of your clients to get a greater understanding of you and your products….Dx

  4. Interesting concept, looking forward to reading more

  5. Right, Donnah. Not to mention anymore that nowadays, people are so hooked by videos 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting. MCx

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Mike! Hope we will satisfy your curiosity 🙂

  7. Totally agree, though the paper version are kind of handy for “Back in 5 mins” on the back of! Great post MC!

  8. Thank you so much, Susan! I have to admit… I’m guilty as charged regarding the back of notes. ????

  9. What a neat idea. I need to look into this. I only have paper ones for events anyway.

  10. Thanks for taking your time, Sandy 🙂 I don’t even recall since I had my last paper biz card.

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