This Video Book Trailer was created for How Big Is Your BUT?: Discover How To Let Go Of Blocks And Move Forward In Your Life. Big Dreams – Little BUTS, a book written by Author Rene Brent. Video Biz Promo offers authors a wide range of video options and is creativity geared towards the promotion and increasing of book sales. If you are an Author and need an exciting Video book trailer count on us to make the perfect video for your book. You can take a look at our Video Products section or Contact Us for more details.

About the Book:

In How Big Is Your BUT? Rene Brent – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RN for over 25 years, takes you on a fascinating journey that will help you gain understanding about what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from Peace, Calm and Happiness. Because we are not taught how to manage fear, worry, anxiety or stress, we ignore it, push it down and tell ourselves to “get over it.”

When we ignore our emotions and false beliefs, they will eventually show up somewhere in our lives or our bodies, often as a destructive pattern, physical pain or illness. This book is focused on looking within, gaining awareness and getting rid of the blocks or Big BUTS. A BUT may sound something like, I want to be happy BUT… I want to be a success BUT… I want to lose weight BUT…

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