24 Places to Promote your Video Business Card

You are smart because you have it. And happy because you decided on it. Not to mention proud because you did it. But you have only one question remaining… “Where should you promote your video business card?”

It is right there, on your screen.

The brilliant video card includes your call to action and targets your buyer’s persona precisely.

It looks great and perfectly highlights your business.

Now, what?

No way to keep it a secret. The world should know about it.

Yes, you already figured it out. You should distribute it, to monetize your brand.

What other reasons should you have for designing your card if not to garner the interest of certain future customers?

No worries.

You can promote your video business card in:

  • email signatures
  • website/blog pages
  • sale assets
  • press releases
  • partner blogs

But, these are not your only options. You have plenty of platforms where you can show it, where you can reach your ideal clients.

Obviously, your choices should be according to your target audience and your goals; this gives you a lot of exposure.

You and your brand can even become a celebrity overnight.

So… where should you promote your video business card?

Excellent question! 🙂

Here is the list we prepared for you. Because the marketing strategy that you’ll adopt is subjective, we arranged the list in alphabetical order. You are the only one who knows what suits you best. Therefore, we’ll let you have the pleasure of listing your personal preferences in order.

24 Places to promote your video business card

promote your video business card

  1. Break
  2. BrightCove
  3. Buzzfeed
  4. Dailymotion
  5. Dropshots
  6. Facebook
  7. Flickr
  8. Google+
  9. Gopro
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Instagram
  12. Google My Business
  13. MySpace Videos
  14. Photobucket
  15. Pinterest
  16. Reddit
  17. Tumblr
  18. Twitter
  19. Veoh
  20. me
  21. Vimeo
  22. Wistia
  23. YouNow
  24. Youtube

Begin by promoting the video links to your existing clients and friends. Ask your friends to share them. You’ll be amazed by what miracles can occur when your friends sincerely promote your brand.

You can share your video card directly, or you can include it in a post; which of course will become viral.

Clearly, it’s up to you if you choose free shares or paid advertising. Many of the listed platforms offer both variants.

Having a good marketing strategy for promoting your video business card can look scary. In fact, it is not so hard. At least, not as people used to think it is.

There are three elements that you must never forget:

  1. target specifically your perfect client,
  2. at the ideal location,
  3. at the right time.

If you keep these in mind, you’ll soon be amazed by the traction you’ll gain; no matter whether you have a small budget or none at all.

In fact, you don’t need a huge budget to produce and distribute a viral video. And, what can be more appropriate than creating and promoting your video business card?

Without a doubt, you can do it. You can start promoting yourself using your video business card.


Everyone knows that it’s not mandatory to know how to do it. Everyone knows that you don’t need to spend precious time promoting it. Of course, you can at any time hire a pro for this, while you primarily focus on your business growth.

Be kind and share!
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