Everybody knows that managing a business is not simple, nor a superficial game. Your results depend on many variables, and one of them is the marketing strategy. The same goes for your branded business card, which is an innovative way of grabbing your client’s attention.

The fact is that by using a video business card, you’ve chosen a powerful way to highlight your brand. And not only highlighting it but organizing and communicating the information to your ideal client.

Imagine going into a video library and asking the librarian for a particular subject.

Their answer:

“Oh, yes, we have it. Go around that corner and choose whatever you need from the shelves”.

Well… you know very well that without a consistent way of categorizing the information, you will never be able to find what’s best for your needs.

You’ll spend lots of time and effort. In the end, you’ll choose a product which, maybe or maybe not, addresses your domain of interest.

But, no one guarantees that it’s the best for your needs; because you couldn’t access the right and complete information.

The same goes with your video business card.

Your ideal clients need real data included inside it to be sure that they had chosen the right category of product or service.

Moreover, not only will they need good info, but they should also know what the next step should be.

Don’t be afraid to ask them to take an action. Adding your CTA inside a branded business card, will not only allow your clients to know more about you, but they will thank you later.

Eventually, they will refer your business, share the secret business card with their friends or on their social networks such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

It’s not necessary to have a Hollywood video production to have a great video business card. The combination between:

  • the right images, with
  • the proper sound and
  • the targeted message,

will boost your brand more than you ever imagined.

If you decide to do it yourself, and you have a strict budget, you don’t need to worry. Nowadays, there are thousandths and even more of royalty free elements which you can incorporate into your videos. Of course, if it’s affordable, you can, at any time, purchase pro images and audio soundtracks to use.

Nevertheless, for each product or service that you offer, you have different types of ideal clients. The big secret is to use different video business cards for each type of customers. What is valuable for one of them, will definitely differ from what is valuable for another.

To synthesize… the Winning Formula for the Ace you have inside your sleeve… meaning your Branded Business Card… is composed by the 4Cs.

  1. Client – Knowing very well which is the buyer’s persona for your product or service, will definitely increase your ROI.
  2. Context – Taking into consideration your Buyer’s Journey is an aspect which you must not avoid.
  3. Content – Adding your valuable proposition and CTA, for your ideal client, in the right context, will deliver the best video business card for you.
  4. Channel – Deciding the promotional channels for your marketing strategy is not only a must but if you do it well… You are the Winner!

Same goes for your ideal clients.

They know very well that a company that takes their time to communicate details which wow them, is, in fact, a company that will always provide excellent customer services. Therefore, they will choose it from the ocean-full of other providers.

Promoting a branded business card, using a video instead of the regular paper variant, you pump fuel into your transactions.

Either you decide on managing the video production yourself or calling us to do it for you, this investment will have a huge impact on the future of your business.

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  1. This is so exciting and as all businesses are using SM for connection with prospects why not try this as a way to get noticed….well done. Dx

  2. Thank you, Donnah! Indeed, a video card is a treasure for any business owner.

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