This Video Book Trailer was created for The Castles of the Great Assimil Unearthed, a book written by Author Ali Gorson-Marrow and Takunda Keith Mahachi Mahachi. Video Biz Promo offers authors a wide range of video options and is creativity geared towards the promotion and increasing of book sales. If you are an Author and need an exciting Video book trailer count on us to make the perfect video for your book. You can take a look at our Video Products section or Contact Us for more details.

About the Book:
The story takes place in Somalia where a young 8 year old boy lives with his mother, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. The family is in poverty and struggles to find food and shelter. This African family then goes thru several tragedies until they finally make their way to Uganda. In Uganda the African boy that is now 16, is taken to America by a missionary and after going thru college and high school becomes a huge success. Thus proving if you work hard enough you can achieve an amazing life.

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