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You are here. It means that you are a published author. Or, you intend to be one. Nevertheless, you are interested in your book video promotion.


You made the perfect choice for your book’s future.

In truth, you are only one little step away from discovering a secret recipe.

The secret recipe for producing a viral video for your book.

Nowadays, people think that if you have a good cell phone camera, it’s enough to shoot a video and it will go viral.

Moreover, having a viral video, most people dream of becoming millionaires.


Well, you know it, and I know it… life doesn’t actually work out that way.

Maybe, long before writing your first book, you also fell into this trap. You firmly believed and hoped that it is enough to write your book and instantly you will become a best-selling author.


Now you already know that, even if your book is brilliant… there is still a long way to become #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list.

Let me ask you something.

Do you want to gain fame from your book?

Secretly dream to making a lot of money, generated while you are busy writing your next book?

Let’s be sincere.

We all do.

And, there’s nothing wrong in that.

  • It’s appealing.
  • It’s relaxing.
  • It’s rewarding.

Only that,

  • It’s not enough to dream.
  • Or to be still… while waiting.

youtube video promotion success

You need to take action.

You must be in charge of your book’s future.

You need marketing.

And the best marketing tool for your book is your video promotion.

If you seriously pay attention to this tool, it will eventually go viral.

So will your book.

From this point to the moment when you begin to increase your income, it’s a minimal distance.

By understanding the value and the power of a quality video promotion, you can create passive income.

That will go on and on and can become quite profitable.


As an author, you must focus on a few steps, when deciding how your book’s video should be.

Bellow, you have ten different facets of this business.

They provide vital information that can generate increasing and stable income for you.

Obviously… only if, you follow them all and make the necessary effort.


10 Steps Authors Should Focus on when Planning a Book Video Promotion

video presentation flowchart

  1. Focus on quality over quantity
    • Your video doesn’t need to be long. You can catch your potential reader’s attention in one minute only. Or even less.
    • You don’t need a grainy and confusing video for your book. You need a quality masterpiece which has the potential to go viral.
    • In case that you need some ideas, you can check out plenty of samples from what our clients prefer for their video promotion.
  2. Choose the ideal profile for your book’s readers
    • Doing it, you can use it not only for one video but for any other video you will ever want to produce for your books
    • Decide the main triggers depending on whom you are reaching out to
  3. Keep the subject simple
    • Not only keep it simple but reduce it to the minimum size
    • Many of your potential readers are too busy for a long message to grab their attention
    • Make it short and compelling and be sure your message is getting across
  4. Give the subject center stage
    • You got it… as an author who starts a video marketing campaign, you should decide from the beginning who or which is “the subject.”
    • The subject can be YOU or your BOOK or… whatever you want to promote through your video
  5. Decide your message
    • People are watching book videos for a million different reasons
    • Be aware of what the real message you want to send
    • Doing it, your video will make the greatest impact on the potential reader
  6. Include your CTA
    • If you want your video to produce the required results, you must also pay attention to your Call to Action
    • Your Call to Action is the key to your reader’s actions after watching your book’s video
  7. Create contemporary content
    • Match your choice to your message
    • This will create the maximum impact on your readers
    • It will also affect the receptiveness of your video and becoming viral is almost a certitude for your book trailer video
  8. Get the video out there!
    • Maybe your video is a brilliant product. Maybe it has the potential to become viral. But… if you don’t get it out to your reader’s eyes, it will never give you the reward you deserve.
    • Build excitement even before your video gets released
    • Expand your reach even after your video is out
    • Get people talking!
  9. Promote. Release, Repeat.
    • The video release is, in fact, a very well planned marketing project
    • Such as any other marketing campaign, it should have
      1. High expectation/topside
      2. Minimal expense
      3. No downside
  10. Always choose perfection!
    • For each step that you plan on your book video marketing process, select:
      1. The perfect moment
      2. The perfect place
      3. The perfect potential reader


YOU are an author and you deserve to glow in a unique, attractive way.

All that is left is for you is to take action.

Start your book video promotion today.

You’ll never regret it!

Are you worried that you don’t have time to become a video producing expert yourself?


Do yourself a favor and let me know more about you.

Together we will decide the next step.


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