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About the Book:
Zoe Summer’s self-empowerment book, You Are Enough, delivers a one-of-a-kind, innovative, fun, and easy method that unlocks the key to joy and success for accelerated results to love, health, happiness, and wealth.

Through powerful mini mantras every day for sixty days, Summer, an author and artist, teaches you how to rid yourself of suffering, fear, insecurities, anxiety, neediness, and stress and how to open the door to uplifting feelings of self-love, hope, optimism, joy, and more energy. Discover how to revitalize your life; create inner peace; find calm, relaxation, and balance; and reach fulfillment.

You Are Enough offers a practical and easy way to begin your journey back to self-love. Taking only a few minutes each day, Summer shows you how to experience the deeply powerful connection to your essence—Divine Love—which brings infinite gifts into your life so you can reach great personal heights and creativity while experiencing freedom and joy.

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